Enders Game (Orson Scott Card)

The beginning of each chapter in this book gives a glimpse of the bigger mysterious plot of “Enderverse”, which increases the readers curiosity manifold. The book is first of its series which depicts a world post two alien attacks on earth and how mankind prepares to face a third one. Psychological evaluation of kids and training them young is the approach adopted by the military strategists to thwart a third attack.

Our hero Andrew Wiggin (hereby referred as Ender) is introduced at the tender age of 6 with the usual problems of being bullied and sibling rivalry. What makes him stand apart is the way he handles these issues and with what justification. Even after being selected into Battle School in space he is strategically isolated from others and was fast tracked through his training program with a seeming urgency which is explained in the last part of the book.

Ender graduates from battle as well as command school, even with the odds stacked against him intentionally, but at a cost. At the cost of his emotional wellbeing. This plays a major role in the decisions Ender take after graduating and lays the foundation for the next book.

In a parallel narration, Enders siblings Peter and Valentine, with not much age difference compared to Ender, masqueraded as political pundits and started a political storm back in Earth for their own selfish gains. Whether they are successful or not, one has to read the book as I dont want to give away spoilers.

The whole book opens a perspective about survival, exceling with the opportunities one has got instead of cribbing about what one has lost. Even though depicted from the eyes of a 6-year-old, the intelligence level of the character surpasses any adult in the book. Each character no matter how small the role, is given its due credit with accurate analysis of its personality. A must read if sci fi and human behavior interests you.

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