Sidecar Pattern

Sidecar as the name suggests is a service attached to the main application to enhance its features. As a general rule the side car doesnt contain any business logic but enhances and supports the main application. The sidecar and the main application are always deployed as a single unit , in a single pod. Things... Continue Reading →

Enders Game (Orson Scott Card)

The beginning of each chapter in this book gives a glimpse of the bigger mysterious plot of “Enderverse”, which increases the readers curiosity manifold. The book is first of its series which depicts a world post two alien attacks on earth and how mankind prepares to face a third one. Psychological evaluation of kids and... Continue Reading →

One of the rare non-fictions which explains its ideas and research without confusing the reader with jargons. It explains and analyses the events which should have been taught to students as part of their history curriculum. The events that really mattered and shaped up mankind the way we know it today. The book explains how... Continue Reading →

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